十八大报告重点词汇汉英翻译 Ⅲ
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establish a mechanism for equitable sharing of proceeds from public resources transfers
take steady steps to make interest rates and the RMB exchange rates market-based
promote the RMB’s convertibility under capital accounts in due course
We must give science and technology top priority in overall national development.
5. 提高原始创新、集成创新和引进消化吸收再创新能力
increase capacity for making original innovation and integrated innovation and for making further innovation on the basis of absorbing advances in overseas science and technology
6. 着力构建以企业为主体,市场为导向,产学研结合的技术创新体系
We should establish a system of technological innovation in which enterprises play the leading role, the market points the way, and enterprises, universities and research institutes work together.
7. 完善科技创新激励机制
improve mechanisms for rewarding scientific and technological innovations
8. 把全社会智慧力量凝聚到创新发展上来
ensure that the wisdom and strength of the whole society are directed to promoting innovation-driven development
9. 解决制约经济健康持续发展的重大结构性问题
resolve major structural barriers to sustained and sound economic development
10. 牢牢把握扩大内需这一战略基点
We should firmly maintain the strategic focus of boosting domestic demand.
11. 强化实体经济的需求导向
make the real economy more demand-driven
12. 合理布局建设基础设施和基础产业
make geographical/regional layout of the development of infrastructure and basic industries more balanced
13. 发展现代信息技术产业体系,健全信息安全保障体系
develop IT industry and better ensure information security
14. 有序推进农业转移人口市民化
conduct registration of rural migrant workers as permanent urban residents in an orderly way
15. 对农民采取多与少取放活的方针
We should give more to farmers and take less from them and lift restrictions over their business activities.
16. 培育新型经营主体
foster new types of business entities

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