英语二三级口笔译词汇 Ⅲ
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1. 消除愚昧 eliminate ignorance
2. 扫除文盲 eliminate (wipe out ) illiteracy
3. 营造良好的文化环境 create a healthy cultural environment
4. 促进文化市场健康发展 facilitate the sound development of the markets for
cultural products
5. 开展对外文化交流 conduct cultural exchange with other countries
6. 博采各国文化之长 draw on strong point of the cultures of other
7. 开展群众性文化活动 carry out mass activities on culture
8. 保护文化遗产 protect cultural heritage
9. 继承历史文化优秀传统 carry on the fine cultural traditions handed from
carry on the fine historical and cultural traditions
10. 繁荣文学艺术 enable literature and art to flourish
promote flourishing literature and art
11. 举行每年一次的学术会议 hold an annual academic meeting
12. 尊重知识,尊重人才 respect knowledge and respect competent people
13. 向世界展示中国文化 introduce China’s achievements of cultural
advancement to
建设的成就 the world
14. 加强文化基础设施建设 build more cultural establishments
15. 提倡文明的生活方式 advocate civilized lifestyle(way of life)
16. 不注重历史 neglect history
17. 推动人类文明进步 push forward human civilization
18. 对。。。持欢迎态度 take a welcoming attitude to
19. 与各国人民交往 communicate with people of all countries
20. 和。。。持相同观点 share views similar to
21. 促进儿童身心健康发展 promote the healthy development of children both
physically and mentally
22. 改进教学 improve teaching and learning
23. 保护文化遗产 protect cultural relics
24. 触击现行法律的盲区 touch a blank area of the existing law
25. 增强自我保护意识 strengthen one’s awareness of protecting one’s
26. 列为世界自然文化遗产 list …as a world natural heritage site
27. 以全新的面貌进入新世纪 enter the new century with a brand-new colorful
28. 普及科普知识,传播科学 popularize scientific and technological knowledge,
思想,倡导科学精神 scientific thought and advocate the scientific
29. 提高公务员的综合素质 improve the overall quality of civil servants
30. 通过资格考试 pass qualification examinations
31. 举办文化节 / 展览会 hold (conduct, give) cultural festivals / an
32. 普及九年制义务教育 make nine-year compulsory education universal
33. 精心编写教材 compile the textbooks with great care
34 承担应有的义务 undertake the due obligations
35. 促进相互了解 enhance (further) mutual understanding
36. 相互促进 help each other forward
37. 互派访问学者 exchange visiting scholars
38. 交换意见 exchange views (ideas, opinions)
39. 反映中国的灿烂文化 reflect the rich culture of China
40. 容纳三千名旅客 accommodate 3000 passengers
41. 发挥...的聪明才智 develop one’s own talents and wisdom
42. 充分发挥知识分子的的give full play to the initiative and creativity of
43. 开设课程 offer courses
44. 重视实用性 place stress on practicality
45. 制止盗版软件 control the pirated software
46. 提供受教育机会 offer a chance of education
47. 有力地推动教育的发展 give a big push to the development of
48. 承前启后,继往开来 build on the past and prepare for the future;
inherit the past and usher in the future
49. 物质文明,精神文明一起抓 pay equal attention to the material progress and
cultural progress
50. 形成文明、健康、崇尚 form civilized, healthy and science - upholding
social practice


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