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1. 日益昌盛 become increasingly prosperous
2. 快速发展 develop rapidly
3. 隆重集会 gather ceremoniously
4. 热爱和平 love peace
5. 追求进步 pursue progress
6. 履行权利和义务 perform the responsibilities and obligations
7. 回顾奋斗历程 review the course of struggle
8. 展望伟大征程 look into the great journey
9. 充满信心和力量 be filled with confidence and strength
10. 必胜 be bound to win
11. 主张各国政府采取行动 urge governments of all countries to take action
12. 和平共处 coexist peacefully
13. 对内开放和对外开放 open up both externally and internally
14. 经历两个不同时期 experience two different periods
15. 战胜无数的困难 overcome numerous difficulties
16. 赢得一个又一个胜利 win one victory after another
17. 完全意识到 be fully aware that
18. 迈出重要的一步 make an important step
19. 采取各种措施 adopt various measures
20. 得出结论 ,告一段落 draw ( arrive at, come to reach ) a conclusion
21. 实现民族独立 realize national independence
22. 追求真理 seek the truth
23. 建立社会主义制度 establish a socialist system
24. 根除 (防止,消除)腐败 root out (prevent, eliminate) corruption
25. 响应号召 respond to the call
26. 进入新时期 enter a new period
27. 实行新政策 practice new policies
28. 展现生机和活力 display one’s vigor and vitality
29. 增强综合国力 enhance comprehensive(overall) national strength and
和国际竟争力 international competitiveness
30. 进入世界先进行列 edge into the advanced ranks in the world
31. 解决温饱问题 solve the problem of food and clothing
32. 吸收各国文明的先进成果 absorb what is advanced in other civilizations
33. 与日俱增 increase every day
34. 实现夙愿 fulfill the long-cherished wishes
35. 必将实现 be bound to come true
36. 锻造一支人民军队 forge a people’s army
37. 建立巩固的国防 build a strong national defense
38. 进行和谈 hold peace talks
39. 修改法律 amend the laws
40. 在...中起(至关) play a major的(crucial, an important ) role in
41. 对...做出重要(巨大)贡献make important (great, major )contributions to
42. 遵循规则 follow the principles
43. 把理论和实际结合起来 integrate theory with practice …
44. 把...作为指导 take… as the guide
45. 缓和紧张状况 ease the tension
46. 高举伟大旗帜 hold high the great banner
47. 解决新问题 resolve new problems
48. 观察当今世界 observe the present-day world
49. 开拓前进 open up new ways forward
50. 增强凝聚力 enhance the rally power
51. 结束暴力,开始和平谈判 end the violence and resume peace talks
52. 进行战略性调整 make strategic readjustment
53. 开始生效 go into effect / enter into force
54. 就...接受妥协 accept a compromise on
55. 接受...的采访 be interviewed by
56. 把……看成社会公敌 look upon … as a threat to society
57. 把……捐给慈善机构 donate …to charities
58. 维护世界和平 maintain world peace
59. 摆脱贫穷落后 get rid of poverty and backwardness
60. 实现发展繁荣 bring about development and prosperity
61. 反对各种形式的恐怖主义 be opposed to all forms of terrorism
62. 宣布。。。召开 announce the opening of
63. 对...具有深远的影响 have a far-reaching impact on
64. 面对...明显的缺陷 face up to the obvious defects of
65. 保护妇女权利不受侵犯 guarantee(protect ) women’s rights against


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